Far Cry 3 Review


Hey guys! I’ve been away for a while but now I am back to using my blog again. The purpose of this blog is now for reviewing video games that I’ve played. Feel free to post your thoughts about the games I review in the comment box below and also suggestions on what I should review next! With that being said, one of my first video game reviews will be about Far Cry 3.

I know that Far Cry 3 came out over a month ago, but the game still deserves a review. You begin the game as Jason Brody, a normal guy in his early 20’s, and you are literally running for your life. You are captured on an island by its crazy inhabitants along with your brothers and friends. You are introduced to one of the best video game villains of all time, in my opinion, Vaas. Vaas is the ruthless leader of these “pirates/mercenaries ” who captured you and shows no remorse to anyone that shows up on “his” island. You as Jason Brody must escape Vaas’ deadly schemes and save your friends. Not to mention, you must also survive the island and other deadly foes. Are you up to it? Good luck.

What I love about this game is that the game itself is its own entry in the Far Cry series. It has nothing to do with the first Far Cry, nor the second game. The island you are on is like a vast, open world playground. You can go anywhere and do pretty much anything that the game will allow. It’s like having a fresh new game presented to you. The voice acting is also top notch. Michael Mando delivers excellent voice acting and truly makes the character of Vaas come to life. Also, the visuals you see while playing the game are beautiful. The Far Cry 3 engine utilizes realistic time changes. So if you are working on a mission for a while, you will see the day grow into the afternoon and then eventually into the night. Playing Far Cry 3 makes you feel like you are part of a movie. All of the cinematics are presented well and the story is very good. It is not your average “Oh, I gotta survive this part to get to the next level.” It is also one of the best shooters I’ve ever played. The possibilities of outcomes in the game using all of the different weapons are endless. I have not tried the multiplayer yet, but the Co-Op mode is pretty fun when playing with your friends. Co-Op can get repetitive for some of the levels, but this does not even take away from the gameplay. All in all, a well done game from Ubisoft and I hope they do continue to make Far Cry games. 9.5/10.

I have posted the official trailer for Far Cry 3 below:



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