How should marketers behave in social media environments?

In this new age of technology, there has to be experts for almost every line of work. For instance if a new laptop comes out, chances are there is someone learning all there is to learn about that specific laptop. If a new gaming console hits the market, there has to be someone present to help consumers to explain the new technology to them. Same holds true for any social media interaction. There must be experts in the social media environment. Without them, interacting on social networking sites would be impossible/frustrating/almost like pulling teeth. Also without social media experts or marketers, information would not be updated and sites would just be jumbled with all sorts of information all out of order. With that being said, all marketers need to first recognize and understand the social media environment they are in.

All marketers (and every business person for that matter) should act professionally in a friendly manner and adhere to ethical business decisions. This goes along with the subject of “Who do consumers trust in social media?” Marketers should take time to learn each of their own environments and know how to mold interactions to what they are promoting. I personally wouldn’t want someone to tell me certain “facts” that turn out to be false on social media sites when I request additional information or just asking a simple question to get an answer quickly. If that happened, I (as well as many other people) would not trust that particular marketer and the negative response would reflect towards that brand. People would say, “Why would you trust someone that mislead you with the wrong info and essentially just wasted your time?” Consumers are good at dropping products or services in an instant and moving onto something else because of a negative experience. Marketers should be swift to answer questions and basically move conversations along in a positive interaction that leads to consumer interest toward their brand.

On a business side, I found a blog that outlines some behaviors marketers should demonstrate (particularly close to the holiday season as well). “Understand customer behavior on all channels: Marketers must integrate customer profiles from offline transactional data with digital and organic/owned media channels. To maximize the benefits that come with the social channel and with all channels, marketers need to understand how customers behave through each using all types of data.” Marketers also should use integrated social media for both offline and online interactions and not on a “case by case” basis. “To really see the benefits of social media, marketers must coordinate all offline and online campaigns. Social media must be as much a part of your in-store campaign, as it is your digital campaign.” Finally, marketers should set content up that is easily accessible for their consumers. Nothing drives a customer more furious than having a new product’s info hiding in a weird place on a social media channel. “Make it easy for your customers: Marketers need to create an environment in which it’s easy for customers to amplify the good news about your brand.”



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