Video Games and Tablets

Technology moves rapidly these days. Every six months or so, you see new technologies come out. The world of computing and processors improve each year. Desktops are getting smaller, TV’s are becoming thinner, laptops are becoming thinner, and overall technology is becoming more convenient to carry/transport and use. There is actually one area of computers that is fairly new that has a strong niche and strong target markets. What is this area you may ask? The answer is: Tablets. Tablets have exploded with popularity with consumers within the last couple of years. This is because tablets are portable computers, even more portable than lugging a laptop around. They usually have great battery life, they usually have a camera to take pictures while you are out with friends or family, you can browse the web instantly, and there are thousands of apps to choose and download. Customers also love tablets because they are easy to use, especially when accessing social networking sites to interact with friends.

Having popular tablets like the iPad, the Galaxy Tab, the Asus tablet, and now Microsoft’s Surface, there is huge potential for the game industry. I would say a good portion of the game industry studios have already drawn up plans to make games for tablets or they might actually be in the process of making tablet based games. Either way, a new study on tablet usage from Google found that people use their tablets to check their email more than anything else. After that, they spend more time playing video games than anything else. According to an article I found, “Now even social gaming, the segment that was eating into console and handheld time just a few years ago, is transforming into something else, losing players that once stayed glued to their desktop screens to other activities. Where is everyone going? According to Google, tablets are the machines people play video games on these days.”

I think gaming on tablets is so popular because it is very easy to download a game and very easy to play them. By having these two easy experiences go hand in hand, the customer has a lot of fun doing it and they will continue gaming. Another reason tablet gaming is so popular is because of Angry Birds. Angry Birds was one simple idea for a game but it was executed well and now it is one of the most (if not the most) successful game for tablets and mobile devices. Seeing how successful Angry Birds is now, companies wish to match what the Angry Birds deliver for gaming (and fun!) therefore having multiple tablet based games. “More than 51 percent of those surveyed used their tablet for gaming, and almost 11 percent of all time spent using the tablet was for playing games.” I’m glad to see video games becoming increasingly popular on tablets rather than social networking. Social media is great and all, but my main focus is video games because I major in Game Design and will be entering the game industry very soon.



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