Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Medal of Honor: Warfighter is the sequel to 2010’s Medal of Honor and was released last week on October 23rd. Both games were developed by Danger Close and published by Electronic Arts. Medal of Honor: Warfighter had a lot of advertising on traditional outlets and on social media. I’ll get to that in a little bit. Between last week’s release and the beginning of this week, for some reason I have only heard (for the most part) negative reviews of the game. I own the game, have played 3/4 of the campaign, and have played a decent amount of multiplayer as well. I don’t understand the general hate for the game but I personally enjoy all aspects of the game. Sure, the game may not be perfect but I strongly believe that the way the Tier 1 operations were presented was done very well. Granted I have yet to complete the rest of the campaign but seeing the game mechanics laid out overall, I still think Warfighter is a worthy sequel to the last Medal of Honor.

Let’s break down the campaign and the multiplayer. First and foremost, the visuals and cinematics presented in the campaign are amazing. This is of course the Frostbite 2 engine hard at work and it does not fail to impress. The visuals complement the storytelling of the various Tier 1 Operations pretty well and sometimes you feel like you are watching a movie. Gameplay is like any other FPS and all controls are responsive. I think the weaving of multiple stories with different characters could be confusing to some, but it keeps you engaged since you have to pay very close attention. Like I said, I haven’t completed all of the single player, but I believe the overall story in the campaign is a heartfelt one and pays tribute to all of our Armed Forces.

The multiplayer is presented just like any other FPS’s but with a few twists. You are able to play six different classes and have the ability to customize all six. Plus, the player is able to fully customize their weapons, unlock more weapons, unlock different attachments, and have the freedom to switch out any weapon you like. The part I like the most is that the customizing of weapons is very realistic and the weapons themselves are very realistic. The game modes are easy to figure out and are fun to play.

As far as advertisements for the game, before Warfighter’s release I saw a lot of posts from Danger Close and EA on Facebook and Twitter. On Facebook, the companies were pretty smart to have multiple accounts for different countries so everyone could post feedback on their respective country page. Also on Twitter, the Medal of Honor account was used for giving out free swag and posting where a Medal of Honor street team would be to advertise in a local city. There was a lot of traditional advertising on TV too before and during the game’s release. I still see the live-action Medal of Honor: Warfighter trailer on TV and posts on social media sites are still being updated. The advertisements are not as widespread as Assassin’s Creed III but I feel the message is still out there for gamers. Another awesome way of getting the message out is that Danger Close sent out free t-shirts and games to injured soldiers in hospitals such as Walter Reed. I think this is an awesome way of respecting our troops and thanking them for their service. I still strongly believe that Medal of Honor: Warfighter is well done game and gamers should give it a chance.



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