Assassin’s Creed III

You may have seen an advertisement or trailers on TV for the upcoming game Assassin’s Creed III in the past week. Or you may have seen these advertisements multiple times. Either way, Ubisoft is making a huge push on promoting Assassin’s Creed III with only 9 more days until the game’s official release. It could very well be the biggest game of 2012. And Ubisoft is not stopping with just TV commercials. If you are unfamiliar with or have not heard anything about Assassin’s Creed III or the Assassin’s Creed franchise (you may very well be living under a rock), I’ll provide some information to set the scene.

The Assassin’s Creed franchise is set in the near future where a small group of people have the ability to “experience” memories from their ancestors in history through a machine called The Animus. You play as Desmond Miles and Desmond’s ancestors who all are fighting for the Assassin Order against the Templars, a deadly group who wants to use The Animus and all of its power for evil to take over the world. In Assassin’s Creed III (set in the 18th century during the Revolutionary War), you play as Connor, another one of Desmond’s ancestors. Connor is a half-British, half-Native American assassin who must make very difficult choices with the militia in one of the most important times in history. As Connor, you will encounter many important people from history such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. History will be in your hands: will the Revolutionary War be told just like the history books or will Connor and the Assassin Order have an important role in contributing to the militia’s efforts? “Everything is permitted, nothing is true.”

Anyway, going back to Ubisoft’s smart advertisements, the Assassin’s Creed III advertisements are not only known very well on TV but on the internet as well. Retailers such as Best Buy and Gamestop advertise the game on their websites and on their social networking accounts frequently. The Assassin’s Creed main website itself is very interactive where you can view the latest news on the game, screenshots, backstory of Connor, pre-order exclusives, and links to the Assassin’s Creed YouTube channel, Facebook page, Twitter page, and Assassin’s network. The Assassin’s Creed fan page on Facebook has over 3 million likes and there are over 500,000 followers on Twitter between the Ubisoft and Assassin’s Creed Twitter accounts.

I always see content related to Assassin’s Creed III when I look on my news feed on Facebook and on Twitter as well. Sometimes Ubisoft even has contests where you can win free exclusive items from the game. Sometimes they will ask questions either on Facebook or Twitter regarding Assassin’s Creed III and what the fans think of the game so far. This is a great practice by getting the customers involved, interested, and keeping them engaged until the release day. Ultimately, these kinds of promotions will only help to increase sales for Ubisoft and keep the fan base happy.



3 thoughts on “Assassin’s Creed III

  1. As mentioned in your post, Assassin’s Creed III may be the most anticipated game of 2012. With games such as Halo 4 and Call of Duty Black Ops 2 releasing only a couple weeks later, being the greatest launch title of 2012 is an amazing achievement. Ubisoft has done a phenomenal job advertising Assassin’s Creed III. With developer videos, TV and internet advertisements everywhere, Ubisoft really wants the gaming community to know what this next title will bring, and it looks to impress. Like you said, Facebook and Twitter have exploded in the last month with status updates and promotions for Assassin’s Creed III. Personally, I can’t wait for this game to release. With Halo 4 on the way, those two games have really broken into my wallet. Overall, great review on the upcoming title, and I hope the hype isn’t for nothing.

    -Darrik M

  2. Just like everyone else, I cannot wait any longer for this game to be released. Everything about it just looks incredible. With that being said, the advertising for this game is ahead of other big releases in the recent past. I see Assassin’s Creed advertising everywhere even on my own Xbox. I feel like if anywhere to advertise your release, the system where you are going to play the game, would be your best option. Every time that I turn on my Xbox, I see Assassin’s Creed this or Assassin’s Creed that. This is huge. They have all of the videos and even exclusive content that Xbox has to advertise the game’s release. Although this game might not need any additional help in advertising, it does not hurt to put your information all over the place.

  3. I am not much of a video gamer but I have seen ads for assassin’s creed III all over the place for the past few weeks. It had definitely sparked my interest and made me consider giving the game a try. From a marketer’s perspective, I think they are doing a great job advertising for the release of the game. My roommate is a huge fan of the game and he is highly anticipating the release of it. When he turns on his Xbox console an advertisement for the game is one of the first things that comes up on the screen. Thanks for the brief background of the game, you have convinced me to try it out when it is released!

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