What do consumers want from brands in social media?

So what exactly do consumers want from brands in social media? Well, the answer is actually spread out across a wide range of answers. New technology is introduced quite frequently nowadays. That means it’s possible that every customer is looking for something different, depending on the actual product or service of course. But the common answer for all of these consumers is that they want more. They would like more experiences and particularly more experiences with their purchased products or services to get “the full package” or “full on experience/enjoyment.” Customers are always looking for something that would make their lives easier or to better improve an already existing product and/or service.

Also, consumers are always looking for more engagement between themselves and a brand/company they could be buying from. For example, if a customer tweets a question or comment to a company, the company’s social media monitors will pick up these communications and try to get in touch with that person. This helps to improve loyalty with a product or service and builds a more personal relationship. This way, the customer would feel more inclined to purchase from that brand/company again because of the feedback they received. Also, consumers are always looking for more ways to save and join rewards programs. Most of the rewards programs out there with brands/companies are free, so the consumer benefits by receiving “free money” essentially. Rewards programs require customer loyalty, but that is not difficult if customers shop from a brand quite often. I would have to say there is definitely an increased amount of consumers signing up for some sort of rewards than the past two years.

Consumers always refer to social media for news about new products and services. Social media has now become faster than loading a webpage and it is also a pretty popular way to shop too. Someone could be on Twitter or Facebook and click on a link to instantly go to a website to purchase a product. Social media is a good way to keep track of the “popular deals” a brand might have to further engagement and sales with their consumers. Just recently, I actually followed the “Best Buy Deals” page on Twitter and they always have updates for deals either online or in-store. I found a very useful infographic on brands and consumers’ using social media that I thought was interesting. It states customers are, of course, very social but brands aren’t there yet. The infographic can be found below:




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