What does Social Media mean to me?

Social Media can have many forms of definitions by today’s standards. But I think social media is utilized when a group of people strike up a conversation about current events. By this definition, social media could include people watching news or sports on TV, listening to the radio, reading news articles on websites, conversing through Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube, or as simple as texting someone else. When the average person thinks about social media, they instantly think of “social media websites” such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, or Google+. But it is much more like I just explained above.

The great thing about social media is that it can affect people on business and personal levels. Social media can be used to get everyone together and interact instantly. For example, groups of people can share photos with one another on Facebook and have the opportunity to comment and share with more friends. Also, people can look up friends they went to school with on Facebook to reconnect if they haven’t heard from one another in awhile. Twitter is a great tool for users to post their thoughts or feelings at a moment’s notice instantly. People can “follow” others to stay up-to-date on their own Twitter pages. YouTube is a convenient way of uploading your own videos publicly to the web and having others view, comment, or even share your video. YouTube can be an easy way for someone to get noticed in a short period of time if a video is a hit.

From a business standpoint, companies can utilize various forms of social media to promote new products, new policies, or even just to promote themselves. This is very important for a business to do so because they want to be heard and to be noticed by a large group of consumers. When a business gathers a lot of attention from consumers, it creates interest and could spark prospective purchases. So social media in this sense means major potential for a company to capitalize on the vast online market. A business could monitor a Facebook page to relay important updates, sales on product, company changes, etc. easily to their fans/friends. Also, a Twitter account could relay important recent updates (new sales, sale of the week, production information, etc.) from a company to its followers instantly. Plus, this can be done without a user needing to use a web page for recent information. So to come full circle on the topic, “What does social media mean to me?” I believe social media is used every day in today’s advanced world and it is everywhere. Social Media could be a useful tool for success or could be someone’s downfall if they fail to communicate. That’s all. Until next time.



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